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2 lives saved in just 2 weeks - Lives are being saved more and more often by AEDs across Australia, becoming commonplace enough that we don't always get to hear the good news. However we have heard reports that two lives were saved already this year by our HeartSine AEDs in different states of Australia at a Fitness Centre and a Shopping Centre - two places you would not want to be without an AED.

What a great way to start 2017! To celebrate and pay-it-forward, our HeartSine "Forward Hearts" program will donate an AED for each of the individuals who survived Sudden Cardiac Arrest to the charity or organisation of their choice.

We hope the year sees more being installed in similar venues throughout Australia, and that they continue to save lives whether we hear about them or not.

Adopt-A-Defib supporting businesses, clubs, schools and individuals to afford the cost of investing in a clearly visible, accessible Defibrillator

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Adopt-A-Defib Testimonial


“Defibrillators and CPR increase survival rates from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Adopt-A-Defib is a lifesaving initiative offering more than just the placement of Defibrillators by promoting CPR training and educating on how important bystanders are to the survival of a casualty. Turning bystanders into first responders” 

- Associate Professor Dr Bob Wright, Director of Intensive Care & Resuscitation (ret.) St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney NSW.

Dr Wright is described as “the father of the modern NSW Ambulance” for his work with NSW Ambulance, developing protocols which not only formed the basis of today’s NSW Ambulance operations, but have been copied throughout the world.

Brayden CPR Manikin (Blood Circulation Display)


BRAYDEN CPR MANIKIN (BLOOD CIRCULATION DISPLAY) – Training You First Aid are now supplying the first CPR Manikin ever to display visual flow of blood from the heart to the brain during CPR.

In a world first for CPR Manikins, Brayden has won the iF design award for the Medicine & Health category in 2016. The quality of design and effective function are widely recognised in this award.

It is widely acknowledged that with all first aid training, the most effective learning method is by using animated visual tools to assist in memory retention. Brayden assists in this way, showing the effective of compression depth and speed and their correlation to effective blood flow to the brain.

This short video (01.22) gives an overview of the features and functionality of the Brayden CPR Manikin. Using both the red and white light versions of Brayden, it clearly shows how the 3 interrelated sets of LED light help people both teaching and learning CPR visualise the effects and function of CPR (the red illuminator version is available in Australia).

To improve the outcomes of your training courses please see:  Discounts available for multiple units. Price includes GST (shipping within Australia only).

Brayden CPR Manikin (Blood Circulation Display) 1.22mins from Training You First Aid on Vimeo.

Australian Causes of Death Compared with Incidence of SCA


Australian causes of death compared with incidence of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Adopt-A-Defib for your business, club or school - it’s lifesaving pure and simple ( a not-for-profit initiative).

Source – 2015 Australian bureau of statistics courtesy of Defib First.


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