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RESCUE BANDAGE TQ INFLATABLE TOURNIQUET - is a unique life saving device, easy to use and highly effective – when time counts – Stop the Bleed.

Its compact design is perfect for 4×4, boating, mining, ATV, construction and outdoor recreation – every First Aid kit needs the Rescue Bandage!

Simply ‘slide and wrap’ the Rescue Bandage around the limb above the bleeding wound, the velcro restraint secures the Rescue Bandage in place – as you pump the inflation bulb the bladder system compresses the underlying blood vessels to stop the bleed.

Tourniquets save lives. Clinical data supports the use of tourniquets in a civilian setting.

I am proud to be associated with the Founder of Rescue Bandage TQ, my colleague Terry Urquhart ALS1 Certified Paramedic "In 26 years of Paramedicine I have never found an effective easy to use product that anybody can use in an emergency to stop blood loss, that’s why I invented the Rescue Bandage - Stop The Bleed"

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